Firework Displays

Fireworks! Everyone enjoys a dazzling display of fireworks! Young and old alike, we all gaze up to the sky to watch in wonder at the glittering, sparkling showers of colour and delight in the whoosh, crackle and bang of a good fireworks display.

If you're looking to bring something a little special to your wedding, party or school event why not treat your guests to your very own spectacular fireworks display from Fireworkstore and give them something they will truly remember.

Whether you are looking for an organised firework display or are looking to buy fireworks for you own firework display then Fireworkstore is the place to be.

At Fireworkstore, we have been stunning customers with our impressive firework displays and fireworks for over 10 years.

Fireworks for all occasions: Fireworks for corporate clients, wedding fireworks, firework displays for Schools; we have a full range of displays and options and fireworks to meet every occasion and every budget.

When you buy fireworks or book a firework display with Firreworkstore you can do so with absolute confidence and be certain that we are committed to safety, committed to excellence and committed to making sure that you and your guests share an experience with you that they won't forget.

Wedding Firework Displays

Finish your perfect day with a glittering display of wedding fireworks. Wedding fireworks are an ideal and spectacular finale to that special day. Colourful, exciting and romantic too, a professional display from Fireworkstore will add that final finishing touch to a wonderful day.


School Firework Displays

When it comes to fireworks, kids know what they want and 'Sir' running around lighting a few rockets just won't do and wouldn't meet health and safety regulations either! Fireworks for schools need extra care and planning so come to the experts at Fireworkstore and make sure that your school firework display is safe as well as well as spectacular.


Corporate Firework Displays

Put the 'Wow Factor' into your corporate event and leave your customers, prospects or suppliers with a lasting memory of your business. Sandwiches and a glass of wine are fine but a professional corporate firework display from Fireworkstore will really get them talking about your product or services.

Firework Displays for any Occasion

Remember, fireworks are not just for bonfire night! Fireworks for weddings, fireworks for birthday parties, school firework displays, fireworks for corporate events. Whatever the event or celebration nothing brings proceedings to a memorable finale like a professional fireworks display. And Fireworkstore can bring you a professional firework display to remember for your event or celebration.

Buy Fireworks

Buy fireworks here! As well as organising amazing and spectacular firework displays for you, if you want to put on your own firework display, you can buy your own here. Roman candles, rockets, barrages, fountains and pyramids. All our fireworks conform to British Standards BS 7114 so you can be assured of both quality as well as the all-important safety.